Guest Blog Post with the lovely Tanisha Waggoner

Read this awesome personal story by guest blogger Tanisha Waggoner about her journey to living a healthy life.

One of my biggest health challenges is fitness. I’ve been overweight for most of my life and a lot of the activities that I enjoy are sedentary. Growing up I never really felt empowered to take on my own weight loss. There would always be unsolicited advice pecking away at my self-esteem, leaving to feel like I’m not actually the one making the choice. There’s something to be said about not being forced into something and choosing to do something willingly. This is one of my toughest challenges, as my mind always wanders to my sedentary hobbies instead of exercise when I have free time. I like to draw and I also build websites, and both of those things have me sitting, usually for long periods of time. Add to that a love of the internet and the addiction of social media, and that’s quite a few hours of my day that I’m not spending active and on my feet.

I am slowly & steadily combating this challenge though. As I grow older my self-esteem and independence increases, along with my willingness and desire to take care of myself. One thing I’ve incorporated is a simple exercise routine that I call my 20-20-20: 20 squats, 20 knee-lifts, and 20 twists. It’s simple but it gets me to move. I change it up from time to time so my 20-20-20 may become a 40-40-40. I also do small things like jogging or walking in place for 100-300 steps. Each of these things is helping me to build an overall habit of being more active and are easy activities to incorporate more than once in my day.

Another way that I tackle this challenge is by learning to be more organized. I learn that when I don’t at least have a to do list, I easily lose track of the hours I spend on sedentary activities. When I have a to do list going, I am more motivated to get up and concentrate on other, more active tasks and I get more done in the day. These are also the times that I am more likely to stick to my exercise routines.

My fitness and weight loss is an ongoing journey but I am learning and growing more everyday. It’s a challenge to change the lifestyle and habits that I’ve developed over the years, but I keep trying even when I fall off track. Using the small exercise routines to get me more active, I’m working on picking up more active hobbies that I enjoy such as weight-training and dancing. I’m committed to not giving up and I hope that commitment helps me to build healthier lifestyle habits!

Tanisha Waggoner has her own awesome blog African American Omnivore: CHECK HER OUT!!!!!!


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